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תבנית חנית/צ'יאנג

רשימת טכניקות:

  1. Ready style

  2. Tai Chi beginning style

  3. Facing the wind blowing the willow

  4. The waves going up and down

  5. Obstructing the river to intercept the dipper

  6. Green dragon stretching its claws

  7. Giant python turning its head

  8. Golden dragon swinging it's tail

  9. Giving the horse its head while chasing enemies

  10. The black-eared kite flies and the fish leaps

  11. Golden cockerel nodding its head

  12. A white rainbow soaring over the sun

  13. Lying tiger and diving dragon

  14. Plum blossom opens five petals

  15. Celestial horse walks the skies

  16. The completion style

תבנית חנית צ'יאנג:

Practical Tai Chi Chuan spear form

Practical Tai Chi Chuan spear form

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