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תבנית קצרה מתקדמת/חדשה

רשימת טכניקות:

תבנית קצרה מתקדמת/חדשה:

1. Tai chi at rest

2. Ready style

3. Beginning style (tui peng, jun ji)

4a. Step aside flying oblique low

4b. High

5. Raise hands step up

6. White crane flaps wings

7. Embrace tiger and return to mountain

8. Cross hands

9. Oblique brush knee twist step

10. Turn body brush knee twist step

11. Seven stars style right

12. Grasping birdÕs tail

13. Oblique single whip

14. Under elbow see fist

15. Seven stars style left

16. Needle at sea bottom

17. Fan through the back

18. Turn body swing fist

19. Right drape body

20. Left separate legs

21. Turn round and kick with heel

22. Parting wild horse's mane left and right

23. Fair lady works at shuttle left and right

24. Cross, single hand sweep lotus leg

25. Punch the groin

26 turn body swing fist

27. Step up, pat the horse high

28. Step up grasping bird's tail

29. Single whip

30. Snake creeps down

31. Golden cockerel on one leg

32. White snake puts out its tongue

33. Golden cockerel on one leg

34. Step back to strike the tiger, left

35. Twist the body and kick

36. Step back to strike the tiger, right

37. Tai chi in unity

38. Completion

Advanced short form (Wudang/Practical Tai Chi Chuan)

Advanced short form (Wudang/Practical Tai Chi Chuan)

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